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Fish Skull

The Fish-Skull is a weighted head that has a realistic baitfish profile and is specifically designed for tying freshwater and saltwater streamer fly patterns.
Quick-and-simple to tie, this latest innovation in fly tying offers fly fishermen an exciting alternative to using old-style dumbbells or cones to weight their flies. The Fish-Skull has unique design features making it a very versatile platform for tying a wide variety of realistic, weighted streamer patterns using natural or synthetic fly tying materials.

• Each pack of SMALL size has 10 skulls, MEDIUM size has 8 skulls

• A full set of 3D eyes is included with the Fish-Skull™ heads

Fish-Skull™ Sizes:
• Size SMALL for hook sizes typically #8, #6, #4.
• Size MEDIUM for hook sizes typically #2, #1, #1/0.

Blue Baitfish - a very light and bright "silvery blue" finish suitable for imitating ocean forage fish like blue back herrings or small freshwater minnows.
Pinky Purple Pearl - the name says it all! Great color for many saltwater baitfish patterns or bright steelhead or "flesh" colored Alaska style streamers.
Silver Baitfish - the perfect color for matching any silver or white baitfish.
Dark Grey - essentially a dark charcoal or black color, this is a good choice for most dark flies such as black-and-purple or all-black streamers.

Fish Skull - Small EKO

2.54 €
Fish Skull Small - Gold

Quantity: 10pcs.

Index: FS-85
Fish Skull - Small

Fish Skull - Medium

6.28 €
Fish Skull Medium #290 - Pinky Purple Pearl

Size: medium

Index: *FKM290
7.95 €
Fish Skull Medium #344 - Silver Baitfish

Size: medium

Index: FKM344
8.46 €
Fish Skull Medium #92 - Dark Grey

Size: medium

Index: FKM92
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