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Magic Head - Marc Petitjean

The Magic Heads are soft, silicone-like cup, that you tie on the hook shank, prior the other tying element (the best to use the hook with straight eye).
Folded backwards, the flies works like a regular Streamer. Folded forwards, the flies wiggled like de real fish.

We commend to larger flies on the pike, zander or sea trout, however larger trout won`t lean of such bait.
Popular in sea flies on such fish as e.g. Bonefish or Tarpon.

7.18 €
Magic Head R12

Size: 12 ; Quantity: 6pcs. ; Hooks no: 12 - 6

Index: MH12
7.18 €
Magic Head R13

Size: 13 ; Quantity: 6pcs. ; Hooks no: 4 - 2/0

Index: MH13
7.18 €
Magic Head R14

Size: 14 ; Quantity: 5pcs. ; Hooks no: 1 - 6/0

Index: MH14
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