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Wapsi Fly Head Cement Water Base

This cement is made with an environmentally friendly water base lacquer that is non-flammable, odorless, quick drying, and is non-yellowing (dries clear). It is excellent as an all-around fly tying cement. The thin viscosity of the cement allows it to penetrate the thread well and creates a very good bond. If you desire to slightly thin the cement even further it can be thinned as much as 10% by adding a tiny amount of water.

Water based cements are at their best when used with synthetic materials such as foam, flash materials, and rubber legs which can actually disintegrate when they come into contact with the some solvents. If you happen to accidentally spill some on your desktop clean up is fast and easy - simply wipe off the spilled cement with a wet sponge or rag before it dries.

Like other lacquers the product dries by evaporation and can be handled just minutes after application. Several coats can be added in succession to produce a glossy coat if desired. Full cure happens overnight and the product will not dissolve in the water once cured.


(1) Not all cements have the same viscosity coming out of the bottle. Do not hesitate to thin the cement to the desired viscosity. An eyedropper is a useful tool for dispensing thinner into your cement. Start by adding just a drop or two at a time until you are satisfied with the thickness of the cement.

(2) Fly Tying Cements usually dry due to evaporation. To prolong the life of your cements limit the amount of time that the bottle is open and add thinner to the cement as needed. Maintaining the viscosity of the cement will prolong its life.

(3) Add the correct thinner to your cement. For best results we suggest using the thinner recommended by the manufacturer of your cement. Failing to use the suggested thinner can lead to prolonged drying time, yellowing of the finish, excessive vapors, or a negative reaction between the cement and thinner.

(4) Use sparingly - most beginning fly tyers use more cement than is needed to do the job. The less cement you use the faster it will dry.

(5) Glass bottles with brush applicators or plastic squeeze bottle applicators with clog free applicator tips are a great convenience on the tying bench.

(6) If you use a bodkin (dubbing needle) to apply cement to the fly over time some residue will dry on the needle. To remove the residue, simply clean the needle by scouring it with steel wool. Our Terra Deluxe Bodkin Cleaner with Stand combines a bodkin, steel wool reservoir and steel wool all wrapped up in one tool.
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Wapsi Fly Head Cement Water Base

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