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Clear Cure Goo

Made in USA Clear Cure Goo Tack Free is just that Tack Free. There is no need to add a top coat, no covering it with sally hansens hard as nails or hard as hull.

It has the same consistency as the Clear Cure Goo Thin. CCG Tack Free Products are best used in thin layers. Apply a small amount and cure. Continue to do so until you have reached the desired thickness.

Immediately you will see a vast improvement over the standard CCG as far as tack is concerned. But wait it gets better. Any remaining tack will "evaporate off on its own, in 1-3 hours depending on humidity, eventually becoming smooth like glass.

If you have applied too much material at once- You can simply take your fly box out in the sun and let the sun do the work of the Clear Cure Goo lamp.

If you have enjoyed using the Clear Cure Goo so far, you will absolutly LOVE this new material.

HYDRO Clear Cure Goo - has the consistency of a watery head cement. It cures in just 5 seconds, it can be used as a top coat for any of the Clear Cure goo materials, you can use it to cover any and all freshwater flies. It not only gives durability to delicate flies but gives it a lifelike translucency .

Tack Free Squeeze Clear Cure Goo - is thicker and will not run as much as the Hydro.
37.44 €
Pro Curing Light

Index: CG1
25.13 €
Hydro Clear Cure Goo - tack free


Index: CG9
26.15 €
Tack Free Squeeze


Index: CG13
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