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New 2014 Dohiku HDD 301
New 2016 Dohiku Stinger HDT

Dohiku Stinger HDT

Labeled a ''stinger'' design, this awesome DOHIKU HDT hooks handles any job you can dream up for a wide-gap design. Outstanding for big pike ,deer hair bass bugs, Clouser Minnow variations, steelhead ,sea trout, zander,catfish and more. Super-sharp point,hi-carbon,chemically sharpened with a black nickel finish. 10 pcs. per pack.
New 2013 Dohiku HDW
New 2013 Dohiku ZSB
New 2013 Dohiku HDB Blob

Dohiku HDB Blob

This hook is especially recommended for blobs flies. This hook was designed with the kind help of Iain Barr Double World Champion . Finish - Black Nickel.
New 2013 Dohiku HDP

Dohiku HDP

The model HDP hooks are special recommended for the Pupa caddis/sedge. Surface Black Nickel.
New 2011 Dohiku Jig - HDJ
New 2011 Dohiku HDN 302

Dohiku HDN 302

HDN 302/8, is a classic hook for nymph , mainly for Mayfly nymphs and stoneflies. Ideal for river patterns and also excellent for stillwater lures. HDN 302/12, can be used for tying nymphs, dry flies and caddis flies. It is also suitable for larger Goldhead patterns. Hook HDN 302/14 is excellent for nymphs and soft hackle patterns. HDN...
New 2011 Dohiku HDN 302 SP

Dohiku HDN 302 SP

Dohiku HDN 302 SP It is the best hooks for beads . As you can see on picture the point is not down or up . You do not catch the river bottom of river or rocks on bottom very often. HDN 302 SP / 12, A specially designed hook, mainly used for tungsten bead patterns. HDN 302 / 14 SP and 16 are same construction, but smaller versions than 12 SP....
Dohiku G 644 (Gammarus, Pupa)

Dohiku G 644 (Gammarus, Pupa)

The HDG 644 hooks are ideal for bugs, pupa and shrimps. HDG modelled on classic nymphing hooks, the design of the hook bend and point ensures excellent penetration and hook hold in fast and turbulent water. Finish - Black Nickel.
Dohiku HDS Streamer

Dohiku HDS Streamer

This hook is designed for trout fishing. The length of shank and hook bend are ideal for tying streamers. HDS / 6 - this hook is designed for trout fishing. The length of shank and hook bend are ideal for tying big streamers. HDS / 8 - This hook is designed for trout fishing. It is used for streamers,bugger, lure. HDS / 10 - This hook is...