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Since its establishment as a die casting manufacturer in HIROSHIMA in December 1943, Ryobi Limited has accumulated innovative technologies by making components for automobiles, electronics, telecommunications and other industries. In 1944, Ryobi has leveraged these technologies and drawn on its experience to diversify into the manufacture of printing equipment, fishing tackle, golf supplies, power tools and builders'''''''''''''''' hardware. Therefore RYOBI, DAIWA and SHIMANO are the top three fishing tackle brands in Japan. In 2000, JOHSHUYA company, the largest Japanese chain group of fishing tackle, gained the ownership of RYOBI fishing tackle sector. In November 2008, JOHSHUYA company and WEIHAI RYOBI INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD reached agreement that WEIHAI RYOBI INT'L was authorized to manufacture, sell and operate RYOBI fishing tackle products worldwide (excluding Japan Market). Wherever in the world our dedicated R&D department and local engineering teams work to create innovative fishing products that keep you one step ahead. Ryobi is all around you, making an enjoyable, comfortable daily lifestyle possible.

A. Jensen

We take pride in developing and supplying original quality products to the serious and demanding fisherman. Our inpot comes from many skilled fly fishsers around the world, all in the surge to make the best possible gear and, most important, add more fun to your fly fishing experience.


There`s no doubt about it. Great anglers use great tackle. And we have the best of both world`s here at Greys. We love glowing reviews and winning awards (and we do get quite a few) but it`s the fact that Greys is the gear of choice for so many top flight anglers that pleases us most. These men and women cannot afford their gear to let them down and that`s why we are proud they choose Greys. Great design. Great materials. Great build quality. Great prices. Lifetime guarantees. Their backing is as good an endorsement as you can get in game fishing. How do we do it? It`s all down to common sense, about sourcing the best materials and employing the best product development managers like Howard Croston and Alastair Dandie. We are surrounded by the leading technicians in the sport - Chris Bond, Charlie Norris, Colin Skeene and Roy Bell. And, of course, they use the most modern technology in the world. We maintain our base in Alnwick but also have superb manufacturing partners around the world. We have salesmen who are mad about fishing and the product. And all our retailers love Greys because they can trust our products, and satisfied customers return to buy more.


A reputation for producing great value, high quality equipment that sets the benchmark helping angler`s and lover`s of the outdoor realise their dreams and have fun. The Shakespeare factory, the largest facility on the world, offers our customers, wherever they live, the best global quality and value possible.


Dragon`s reels for twenty first century. Few words about Dragon: Dragon has been an unchallenged leader of monofilament and braided fishing lines on our market for many years now. To hold this position for the following years our company employed for the program creation not only the most modern material and production technologies, but also the biggest authorities on fishing industry from Poland and from abroad. Thanks to such this policy, products like: Millenium, XT-69, Siglon, HM-62 and many other are names with a stable position on many European fishing markets, and the number of pleased and faithful fishermen is still growing. Choosing the Dragon`s monofilament or braided fishing line you choose a product which will never fail you at any fishing ground. This is commonly acknowledged by fishermen in whole Europe. Join them and you will be permanently pleased.


Starting as so many companies do as a spin off, in 1987 Okuma had humble beginnings as an OEM manufacturer. The founders came with decades of fishing tackle manufacturing experience, and although small, Okuma has always been a different kind of company. Under the leadership of the president and owner Charles Chang, the company has had a vision and a focus. In the last fifteen years this vision has gained in its intensity. Today Okuma is a driven company with and extremely diverse, loyal and motivated group of employees, agents, and customers. All of whom recognize something special happening here. The Okuma focus is a pure and total dedication to development, raising the standards of what we can produce and what is expected, with an eye always to value. Destined to be one of the premier tackle companies in the new millennium, Okuma does not look for inspiration from other manufacturers, instead we find inspiration in fishermen. From the weekend warrior to tournament pros, we are committed to your needs.


The Jaxon have been operating on the Polish angling market since 1984. Jaxon is one of the largest distributors of fishing and angling equipment in Central Europe. Jaxon extensive offer includes rods, reels, lines, braided lines, spinning lures, hooks, floats, landing nets and thousands of different angling accessories.