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1. Company details
2. General terms and conditions
3. Possible ordering methods, changes in orders
4. Special offers, sales
5. Forms of payment
6. Postage
7. Presented products details
8. Shipment, delivery collection
9. Guarantees
10. Complaint procedure
11. Return of goods

1. Company details
The Internet Shop is run by Fishing-Mart Wioletta Chmielarz-Stryczek with its registered office in Bielsko-Biała.

a). Company register details:
The Internet Shop is run by ,,Fishing-Mart" Wioletta Chmielarz Stryczek Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Bielsko-Biała.

a). Company register details:
,,Fishing-Mart" Wioletta Chmielarz Stryczek Sp. z o.o.
ul. Antyczna 8
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
VAT: 547-216-85-48

Entry in the register of entrepreneurs no. KRS 0000649358
Share capital: 2.800.000 PLN

b). Office correspondence details:
Fly Fishing-Mart
ul. Partyzantow 69
43-316 Bielsko-Biała

2. General terms and conditions
a). The order confirmation does not mean its 100% of completion. We reserve the right to a partial order completion for reasons beyond our control (e.g. lack of goods in the suppliers' warehouses). In case of any problems with the order completion, we will try to inform the buyer about that fact.
b). Users may make their accounts available to third persons at their own risk.
c). In case of any changes in personal details included in the registration form, the user shall be obliged to update them.
d). Users may demand the removal of their personal details from the Fishing-Mart data base sending an e-mail to the following
e). Should you wish a VAT invoice to be issued, please enter the following phrase in the Notesblank: I order a VAT invoice, as well as the correct details required for its issue. A VAT invoice may be issued within 7 days as of the date of purchase.

Receipts are sent only upon the customer's request due to a considerable number of returns and uncollected parcels, or problems with the recovery of the receipts required by the procedure of a return of the collected VAT tax. Please enter such information in the Notes blank or send it via e-mail.

h). The shop applies the European Code of Procedure in Electronic Trade. The English version of the code is available under the following link:

i). There is no possibility of personal collection of the ordered goods.

3. Possible ordering methods, changes in orders
a). Ordering through Fishing-Mart Internet shop (upon preliminary registration and logging in each time).

b). The minimum order value equals around 2.56 € (gross).

c). Changes in the order, making an additional order
Upon a customer's request delivered via e-mail we may make changes in the existing order no later than on the 1 day after its being made - if the order has not already been packed or sent.
Such changes may concern:
- adding a new product
- resignation from the ordered product.

Any and all changes require the specification of the product index.

4. Special offers, sales
a). Products in special prices are available only for registered and logged customers.
The loyalty program points are not scored for these products.

We do not guarantee 100% of realization for products with special price.
The offer is valid while stocks last.

c). During sales we do not guarantee more than one item of the ordered product.

5. Forms of payment
a). Available forms of payment:
- payment via Paypal system
- payment by a credit card

- payment to the bank account

Bank account number:
Bank Pekao S.A.
I O.w Bielsku-Białej
ul. Grunwaldzka 40A

Transfer receiver:
ul. Antyczna 8
43-300 Bielsko-Biała

IBAN: PL85124011701978001034422099 - EUR currency

- in case the payment is not effected within 7 working days as of the ordering date, the order is automatically cancelled.

b). Buying products upon the advanced payment to the bank account, the transfer must be effected only after the e-mailed confirmation of the product availability in warehouses made by an authorised person!!!
The first confirmation sent automatically to your box shall only constitute the confirmation of the order acceptance. The confirmation proper is sent by an authorised person upon checking the product availability!!!

c). Refund for transactions paid by credit card, will be make to the card account.

6. Foreign shipment postage:
The approximate costs of a foreign shipment postage are available on the following page
The postage refers to one parcel.
In case the ordered products must be packed in two or more packages, the client will be asked to pay the multiple of the cost of the first parcel.

The postage is added to the price of each order.

7. Presented products details
Fishing-Mart shop does not provide a 100 % guarantee that the descriptions, technical specifications and product photographs presented on Fishing-Mart website do not contain errors.
The may be the cause of improper details provided by the manufacturers in the form of catalogues or other commercial information, or any and all unintentional errors.
The presented photographs may differ minimally from their real image, which by no means changes their properties.
Any inconsistencies or errors shall constitute the ground for complaints other than resulting from the rules of current law. In case of any doubts please contact us via e-mail.

8. Shipment, delivery collection
a). The ordered goods shall be shipped to the buyer within 14 working days s of the day of acceptance of the order.

Certainly, we will do our best to ensure the shortest delivery time possible.

The ordered products are packed after the money is booked on the designated Paypal or bank account.

c). The purchased goods will be delivered by a carrier at the expense of the Buyer, unless the terms and conditions of delivery referred to in the Internet Shop Websites stipulate to the contrary.

d). Fishing-Mart shall be responsible for any and all damages during transportation (except the damaged products collected by the client), or a loss of the parcel.

e). Please do not collect parcels damaged during the transportation.
In case such a parcel is collected by a Client, Fishing-Mart shop shall not be held liable for the goods shipped and damaged in the parcel. The Client shall be fully liable for such a package and the goods inside.
Having collected a package without reservations, the Client shall prove that the goods were damaged during transportation (by virtue of Art. 76 item 4 of the Transport Law).

f). During the collection of the package the Receiver shall check the external condition of the packaging (whether it is complete and intact). Should any damage to the package be claimed, the Client shall prepare a complaint report in the presence of the shipping company courier, not collect the package and contact our shop service immediately.

g). The protocol referred to in subparagraphs e and g is one of documents which influence the consideration of the complaint.
Each courier of a shipping company shall provide a proper form and is obliged to fill it in. However, one is to see to it.


9. Guarantees
a). Fishing-Mart Internet shop shall be 100% responsible for the delivery of complete product. In case a defect of the purchased product has been detected, please contact us in order to agree upon the further procedure. Any and all complaints shall be considered individually.

b). The guarantee shall cover only manufacturing defects or hidden defects of the purchased product detected in the process of use as directed
Any and all defects caused by the user (i.e. a mechanical damage, individual repair, use not as directed) shall not constitute the grounds to acknowledge the complaint.

c). The guarantee covers only products purchased in our shop.

10. Complaint procedure
a). Please contact us under the following e-mail address:, in the e-mail please detail:
- Sign the guarantee card with your full name.
- Attach a note with the description of the damage (describe the problem with your own words).
- Send the goods at your own cost (we do not accept cash on delivery shipments) to the address:
69 Partyzantów St
43-316 Bielsko-Biała
- We`re sending the goods to the manufacturer, and after receiving the goods in question from the guarantor we''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''re sending them back to you at our cost, as well as refunding the cost of sending the goods to the store with the exception of the additional costs resulting from your choice of delivery method other than the least expensive delivery offered by us.

*In case of absence of the guarantee card it may be impossible to successfully complain about the goods. It doesn''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t apply in a situation where the client is complaining about goods citing the discrepancy between the goods and the contract.

b). We do not accept parcels complained about sent at our expense!!!

c). The store will express its standpoint toward the buyer''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s claims within 14 days from receiving those claims.
After checking the goods which are being complained about and drawing up a complaint protocol, they will be immediately send to the guarantor.
In case of a complaint regarding the amount of the ordered goods or service, the User is obliged to indicate the questioned item, the amount of money and the number of the order in question.
A lodged complaint will be looked into in the course specified by the Act from the 27 July 2002 on the particular conditions of consumer sales and on the change to the Civil code (DZ.U.Nr 141, poz. 1176) [Journal of Laws No. 141, item 1176]

Should you have any questions concerning complaints, please e-mail us to:

d). The ODR platform
The consumer can use extrajudicial methods of complaint and redress.
To use the possibility of an amicable resolution of disputes concerning online purchases, the consumer can submit his complaint, eg. Via the EU''''s Internet platform ODR available at:

11. Return of goods
a). You may resign from the goods purchased in the Internet Shop without specifying the reason.
The customer has the right to resign from the product within 10 days as of its reception, and to return the goods within 14 days as of the resignation.
The returned product must be: a full blown without signs of use in the original packaging.
The Customer shall be liable for the package returned to the shop and the goods sent.

b). An exception constitute products that belong to the following group:
- Goods imported on request

c). Return of goods not applicable to transactions with economic entity.

d). The refund for the returned goods takes place within 14 days as of the day on which the shop receives the details to which the money is to be paid back.
Please add such information to the parcel sent.

e). We do not accept parcels sent at our expense!!!

12. This regulations will be send in the attached file with order confirmation e-mail.