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Cone Heads

This is an important component for tube fly construction. The main task of this on a fly is to influence the fish with its colour or glossy effects. Thus it works as an excitant element and a bite inducer.

Cone Head 7mm - hole 2,2mm
Cone Head - orange

1.51 €
Cone Head - orange 7,0mm

Diameter: 7,0mm ; Color: orange painted ; Quantity: 10pcs.

Index: C-4FO
Cone Head - gold

1.18 €
Cone Head - gold 7,0mm

Diameter: 7,0mm ; Color: gold ; Quantity: 10pcs.

Index: C-4G
Cone Head - black

1.26 €
Cone Head - black 7,0mm

Diameter: 7,0mm ; Color: black ; Quantity: 10pcs.

Index: C-4B
Cone Head - pink

1.54 €
Cone Head - pink 7,0mm

Diameter: 7,0mm ; Color: pink painted ; Quantity: 10pcs.

Index: C-4FP
Cone Head - yellow

1.54 €
Cone Head - yellow 7,0mm

Diameter: 7,0mm ; Color: yellow painted ; Quantity: 10pcs.

Index: C-4Y
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