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New 2018!
Micro Sparkle
Micro Sparkle Dub this is a softer version of the popular Sparkle Dub.
New 2018!
Kaitum Trout
The kit includes FAVO fly reels, WF floating lines
New 2019!
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Scierra Rods Brook
Scierra Rods Brook
Special price!
171.43 €     190.95 €
Narrow rivers will often hide unexpectedly big fish, but the...
Scierra Rods Salis
Scierra Rods Salis
Special price!
140.48 €     155.71 €
The Scierra Salis rods are designed for the coasts of Northe...
Scierra Rods Memento
Scierra Rods Memento
Special price!
129.76 €     142.14 €
You can acquire a Memento fly rod that will fit any fly fish...
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